Cooking Games

Have fun playing these free cooking games online. It's a fun way to teach your kids simple cooking skills while doing something they all love--online games! Of course, if you happen to get a little bored yourself, no one will know if you play a game or two...have fun!

Cake Shop Cake Shop is a free online game where you run a virtual cake shop that makes many sweet treats like cupcakes, fairy floss, coffee, soft drinks and ice cream.

Cheese Hunt Cheese Hunt is a free online action game where you play as a cute little mouse who loves to eat cheese! The object of the game is to find and eat all the cheese on each of the five levels.

Food Stack Food Stack is an action cooking game where you have to move your plate and catch the falling food.

Fruit Cake Fruit Cake is a match three type action game where you collect enough fruit to make a cake.

Sandwich Dash Sandwich dash is a free time management game where the player runs a virtual sandwich shop. The player manages time and profits, by keeping customers happy and delivering their orders in a timely manner. The online game is played with simple mouse drags.

Treat It or Eat It Is it a delicious dessert or a disastrous disease? Play this fun food game and find out if you can tell the difference.

Now that you're done playing cooking games, click here to make some really great recipes!