Italian Beef Sandwiches

I got this Italian Beef recipe from one of my girl friends. She loves easy recipes and this one is so simple, but it seems like you really worked hard at it.

-1 - 16 ounce jar of sliced Peperoncini
-1 package Italian Seasoning (brand doesn't matter)
-1 can beer (brand doesn't matter but I don't use a 'lite' beer when I make this)
-3 pound chuck roast

In your crock pot, mix the Italian seasoning and the beer. It foams a little but that's okay. Drain all of the juice from the jar of peperoncini into the crock pot, along with 1/2 the jar of peperoncini. Place your chuck roast on top, salt and pepper, and put the rest of the peperoncini on top of the roast. Cook on low (if your crock pot has a setting, otherwise don't worry about it) for 8-10 hours. Just before you're ready to serve, shred the meat and mix it up with the soft peperoncini. Serve on soft buns or hoagie rolls.

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