Canning Recipes

You're wondering where canning recipes fit into the whole, comfort food theme, right? It can be a lot of work, and vegetables usually don't come to mind when you think of comfort food. Here comes the but.....the recipes here are truly easy, and when it's the middle of winter-20 below-and you open a jar of home canned tomatoes, the fresh fragrance takes you immediately to summer. AND, they taste soooo much better than store bought; they can really add a ton of flavor to any recipe.

Many of my recipes will link you to the recipes I have here because my casseroles taste so much better with home canned tomatoes. And my spreads and dips that call for pickle relish are so much better with homemade pickles... My pickle relish is simple--I just chop up pickles really finely either with a meat grinder or a blender that will chop ice. Sweet pickles for sweet relish and dill pickles for dill relish. You can also add things like red pepper and onion to make a great hamburger relish.

Home Canned Tomatoes
Homemade Sauerkraut
Dill Pickles
Open Jar Dill Pickles
Open Jar Sweet Sour Pickles
Sweet Dill Pickles
Sweet Sour Pickles
Sweet Turmeric Pickles

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