Beverage & Drink Recipes

Try these fun and easy drink recipes to quench your thirst! You will find holiday drinks, like eggnog; party drinks, like strawberry daiquiris that can be done either as an alcoholic beverage or a non-alcoholic, virgin beverage. And of course, the punches--some pack a punch, but others, like my fun Halloween Punch is great for the kids and we serve it every year at my daughter's Halloween party. You will also find my personal 'adult' favorite....the "easy-does-it" long island ice tea. This version really tastes like ice tea but packs a bit of a whollop!

Please Note: I've designated the adult drinks with the word 'Alcoholic' after the description. And if you're looking for more great recipes that include wine, check out Nicola's wine recipes at

Berry Slush with alchohol or without
Chocolate Chai Latte
Chocolate Strawberry Milkshakes
Creepy Halloween Punch
"Easy-Does-It" Long Island Ice Tea-Alcoholic
Football Party Punch-Alcoholic
Fruit Smoothies
Homemade Lemonade
Jello Shots
Tiramisu Smoothies

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