Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast recipes can be enjoyed any time of the day and they're so easy to make. Homemade pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and waffles make delicious and quick suppers! Recipes like breakfast casserole and breakfast pizza are one pot wonders when it comes to getting a balanced meal on the table.

My favorite comfort food here are the pancakes with grated apple topping...yum! They bring back wonderful memories! My daughter likes the new fangled version of pancakes--double chocolate chip. These are super easy to make and oh, so, sinful! It's like eating chocolate cupcakes for breakfast; they require NO syrup.

Berry Coffee Cake
Breakfast Sandwiches
Curried Eggs with Chinese Vegetables
Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Grated Apple Topping for Pancakes and Crepes
Vegie Bagel Spread

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