Football Party Punch

Football party punch is definitely one of those 'ethnic' recipes that comes from the state of Wisconsin. I think we are notorious for our rowdy football parties. Now, when you read through this recipe, you're going to think, 'yuk' because of the ingredients, but it is really quite tasty. I don't particularly care for the taste of alcohol, so anything alcoholic that I drink has to taste good, and not like it's going to knock me on my butt with one sip. Although, if you're a lightweight drinker, don't have more than 1 glass of this because, it is mostly alcohol.

-2 cups vodka
-6 cans cold beer (use the cheap stuff, it tends to be less pungent)
-3 cans frozen lemonade
-2 cans water

In a large punch bowl, mix lemonade with water. Add the vodka. Slowly add the beer so it doesn't foam. Serve.

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