Easy Does It Long Island Ice Tea

This version of the famous long island ice tea actually tastes like iced tea, although you'd never think that looking at the ingredient list. It also lacks the tequila that is put into most long island iced teas, which makes it easier on the palate and not as lethal the morning after. Don't be fooled, though, it is still an alcoholic drink, and several of them will make you do the same foolish things that you normally do after consuming too much alcohol....for some, it only takes one! So drink with caution and enjoy.

This comfort-recipe came from a local bar/restaurant establishment that I frequent with some of my friends. It took us months of watching the bartenders and experimenting to get the complete recipe. We were consuming the long islands at the same time as trying to get the recipe, so that probably tells you why it took so long, since it's a fairly simple and easy recipe.

This recipe is for one, as you should drink them one at a time.

-1 16 ounce glass
-1 shot glass of triple sec (you can get this at any liquor store)
-1 shot glass of vodka
-1 shot glass of rum
-Minute Maid frozen lemonade (we've found this brand to actually be better than others)
-lemon juice (in the squeeze bottle)
-Coca Cola or Coke Zero (If you use Pepsi or generic coke, it will not taste right)

Fill your glass with ice and pour each of the alcohols over the ice. Fill the rest of the glass to 1/2 inch from the top with equal amounts of the lemonade and the Coca Cola. Add 2-3 squeezes of lemon juice and stir. Garnish with a lemon slice.

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